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ScreenReaderAPIWrapper Home

Hello and welcome. This is the home of the ScreenReaderAPIWrapper, a NuGet package that will empower your .NET applications to talk to any of the most popular screen readers available on Windows. Useable for desktop and Windows 8 apps.

The ScreenReaderAPIWrapper is a wrapper around QuentinC's ScreenReaderAPI, a native library written to communicate with several screen readers, regardless of implementation (a handy to have facade, as it were).

To get and use this package, open up your NuGet console and type:
"Install-Package ScreenReaderAPIWrapper"
Or else search for it in the Manage NuGet packages screen.

For more info on how to use this in your applications, you can read my blog post introducing it

Project status

This project isn't actively under development right now, but is here in case someone has ideas for improvements. If that someone is you, feel free to fork the repository and show off what you can do.

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